Meetings and Directions

   Directions: Enter the St. Matthew Lutheran Church driveway - turn right into the parking lot. Look for the sign pointing to the Office - walk down the sidewalk to the right. On ground level, on the right you will see a large windowed room and a sign on the door.  Come in and meet the Newcomers. A member will greet you at the door.

 Join Us for the October Meeting  
 Ray Lockett, Former Firefighter
Guest Speaker

You will hear about the gripping and intriguing life of a career firefighter. Ray Lockett will tell us the most remarkable experiences he had working in some of the busiest firehouses in Baltimore spanning the last three decades and why he loved going to a fire every day.
    You will be amazed at the challenges that confront firefighters, and you will feel the pride Ray had for his job and for having his two sons become third generation fire fighters.  His wife, Lois, will also tell some interesting stories from her point of view.
    Ray will talk about women as firefighters, why firemen crawl through buildings, and about the changes that have come about in this profession.  We encourage men and teens to come to this meeting.  You will go home in awe of this profession and with new respect for the people who risk their lives to help others.
    Ray will be selling his book, Into the Heat for $10.00.











                                                                           See you on Tuesday, December 12 at 6:30.

Regular Business Meetings

    DATE:   Second Tuesday of each month (September-May)

TIME:    7:00 P.M.  

PLACE:   St. Matthew Lutheran Church
                 1200 Churchville Road (Rt. 22)
                 Bel Air, MD
                                 (NOTE: If schools are closed because of weather related issues, the meeting will be automatically cancelled.)